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Scraper Belt Separator

The scraper belt separator is used to separate solid particles of liquids. The separation is made by sedimentation, that means the particles sink down. Basically particles bigger than about 50 microns and with a higher density than the liquid can settle down in a sedimentation apparatus. Smaller particles can be separated with the help of flocculants.

In contrast to our standard lamella separator with sludge funnel the sludge discharge (sediment discharge) is made with a scraper belt (scraper floor). A slight drainage already happens during the discharge so that a sludge drainage can be left out in some cases. Furthermore a sludge pump is not necessary.

The waste / process water flows into the inlet channel and down until below the lamellae. It turns and flows up through the lamellae. The particles settle down onto the lamellae while the clear water remains flow up. Then they run via the overflow weir to the outlet. In contrast to our standard lamella separator where the sludge is collected in the sludge funnel and is discharged in intervals, the sludge in the scraper belt separator is discharged with a scraper belt via a conveyor chute.


  • Large clarification surface on a small space
  • High absorption of solid
  • Pikk tööiga
  • Treatment of small as well as big flow rates
  • Integrated scraper belt can separate pasty or grany solids as well as chipping from any liquids.
  • Pole vaja eraldi mudapumpa
  • No additional sludge drainage required in some cases


Igal pool tööstustes, kui eriti sobib

  • Sinter water / scale water
  • Foundry granulate
  • Vegetable wash water
  • Jäätmekäitlus
  • Washing plants for cars, buses, trucks, railways and construction machines

Metalworking Industry

  • Gringing, Turning, Milling
  • Treatment of watery process liquids
  • Treatment of washing solutions
  • Treatment of degreasing baths

The scraper belt separator is available with a clarification surface of 38m², 50m², 100m² and 200m².

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